Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Alternatives to Hair Transplant

You notice that you’ve been suffering from a type of hair loss for some time and want to overcome this problem somehow. When you make a search, you can see that your best option is a possible real hair transplant procedure. A real hair transplant procedure asks for certain eligibility requirements which some candidates may not meet. When you realize that you’re not eligible for a hair transplant procedure, you may want to look for some alternatives to a hair transplant.

It is true that the real hair transplant is the best way to see a good deal of hair density on the scalp again. However, there is one important eligibility requirement for real hair transplant surgery. Donor area, where is generally designated as the back of the head, should have enough hair follicle for the donation. Most hair transplant candidates are not considered suitable for hair transplant procedures just because they do not have enough hair density on the back of their heads.

If you are okay with short hairstyles like buzz hair cut, you can try scalp micropigmentation. This cosmetic procedure provides a topical effect on the scalp. Pigments are implanted on the scalp and provide a natural look to the candidates. Scalp micropigmentation is a famous hair restoration procedure but may not be performed in every hair clinic or hospital. Besides, since the pigments deform in time, candidates may have to buy replacements for them.

Artificial hair implantation procedures have been very common for the last years because they give more natural results today and are almost unrecognizable by most people. The worst thing about artificial hair implants is the possibility of being detected by other people. However, you can enjoy the most natural ones these days but they are also noted for their expensive prices and the possible replacement expenses.

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