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Alyssa Milano Hair Loss After COVID-19

Alyssa Milano is one of the popular actress, producer, and political activist in the United States. She is best known for her roles as Samantha Micelli in Who’s the Boss?

Alyssa Milano was hospitalized due to the coronavirus when COVID-19 was first seen in the USA. In April, she shared on her Twitter account how serious the situation was. Milano made an interesting post in July after recovering from the disease. In this post, Milano claimed that she experienced hair loss and that this was a long-term side effect of the coronavirus, and “This is my hair loss from COVID-19. Wear a damn mask” she said. After this post from Milano, many people stated that they had the same complaints.

Many experts said that hair loss symptoms include fever and stress. These are causing more hair than normal to enter into the telogen phase. Telogen effluvium is the medical name for hair loss. When more than a hundred hair enter into the shedding phase, telogen effluvium occurs.

Fever is also one of the main symptoms of coronavirus. Due to fever your hair follicles weaken and enter the process of shedding. Not only COVID-19 but also other illnesses that develop a fever in your body can cause hair loss.

Stress is one of the main symptoms of hair loss. When you are struggling with coronavirus, you probably under stress also and this stress can force more hair than normal to enter into the telogen phase.

The bottom line is after Alyssa Milano shared a video from her Twitter account about her hair loss caused by COVID-19, many people shared they have the same long-term effect. However, you should know that hair loss doesn’t have a place on the symptom list of the COVID-19 listed by the Central Disease Control (CDC).

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