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Bad Hair Transplant

Every person has different characteristics in terms of appearance, weight, height, genetics, and so on. Especially hair type which boosts an individual’s ethnicity look is also important. Successful hair transplant procedures are generally associated with individuals’ ethnicity look. If a surgeon is skillful enough to keep his patient’s ethnicity look with his hair transplant job, he’s considered a good hair transplant surgeon. However, not every surgeon is skillful enough to provide a desired natural look on his / her patients. A bad hair transplant may be a result of unskillful hair follicle extraction or plantation. Methods used for hair transplant procedures have also great importance on ethnicity look.

For example, DHI and FUE procedures are considered the best hair transplant procedures on this matter. Especially DHI, a direct hair implant is performed with the help of robotic calculations and special hair transplant instruments which aim to provide the best natural look to patients. A Chinese man and a French man have different hair follicle characteristics. That’s why different hair plantation methods should be performed on such patients. Chinese people’s hair follicles have fewer hair strands which provide them a more topical look. However, this does not mean that they have more hair strands or hair follicles.

What Are The Features of a Bad Hair Transplant

Almost every transplanted hair will need lots of time to fully recover itself from the wounds of the hair transplantation procedure. After this time, patients are expected to have hair with a good density. However, some people complain about the thinning look on their hair after their recovery.

This can be both the candidate’s or surgeon’s fault. A straight hair’s follicles should not be planted as how they are planted on a curly hair scalp. Wrong medication and insufficient care of hair transplants may result in such situations. For example, the hair should not be washed too often not just after the hair transplant procedure, but for the rest of the life. Scalp’s natural oil feeds the hair follicles and keeps them alive. Once they’re cleaned out, they may not get the feeding they need causing a hair loss.

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