Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Beard FUE

A typical hair transplantation method involves the extraction of hair follicles and transplantation of these follicles on the area where the person is suffering from hair loss. But don’t think that this procedure can be performed for the scalp hair only. The famous FUE stands for follicular unit extraction and the best method in the world for those who experience hair loss. For example, have you ever heard of beard FUE? Then you are about to hear now…

There are thousands of people who undergo several types of hair transplantation procedures every year. Surgeons take factors like ethnicity, age, hair density into consideration and try to provide the best aesthetic service to their patients. However, beard transplantation is something rare.

How Is Beard Transplantation Done

It is not actually complicated or painful it seems. People may think that a beard transplantation surgery is so painful because there will be incisions all over your face and over the lips area. But it is not, actually. Just like in any other aesthetic procedure, you are administered local and general anesthesia for your own safety and comfort during the surgery.

The surgeon builds your individualized beard transplantation surgery plan before your procedure has started. You can mutually discuss with your surgeon on how your procedure will be like. He can build a beard style based on your demand.

Your surgeon collects hair strands from certain areas of your body, your legs, your chest are one of your main donor areas for this kind of procedure. These body areas can also be used as a donor area for hair transplantation procedures based on the candidates’ demand and doctor’s reviews.

When enough hair strands are harvested from your body, your beard can be created within a single session. You may feel a bit inflammation and scratch over your face during your recovery but they are all normal. Consume lots of water and avoid sunlight for at least a month.

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