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Best Time For Hair Transplant Recovery

Hair transplantation procedures are one of the most complicated fields of the aesthetic world. There are numerous hair transplant procedures that can be performed in several countries like Turkey and Pakistan. Especially Turkey has become a hair transplantation mainland for tourists for the recent years. People from all corners of the earth choose Turkish aesthetic clinics for hair transplantation purposes. These people generally choose summertime for such aesthetic procedures, however, they do not actually know that summertime could be risky for the future of the transplanted hair. Best time for hair transplant recovery is generally about how you take care of your transplanted hair.

Your doctor will definitely warn you about your wounded scalp. If you do not want to face with a hair transplant failure, the most important thing to prevent this from happening is don’t let your scalp sweat. Forcing your wounded scalp to sweat will result in severe consequences including necrosis and a complete loss of transplanted hair. If you do not trust yourself about taking the best care of your hair, you better not risk it by undergoing your hair transplant procedure in late days of winter.

Hair Transplant Care

If you use relaxing hats on your head, this will definitely protect your scalp from sunlight during your recovery. However, the most dangerous action is sweating and don’t let the hats make your scalp sweat, as well.

You need to wait for sometime to start washing your hair again. The experts generally suggest 5 days of wait until the first wash-up of your hair. You should also stay away from actions like sex that may interfere with your hair plugs.

Since your transplanted hair will fall out sometime during your recovery, you will not have to take extra care of your new growing hair. Your scalp will have recovered from its wounds by that time and you may even expose yourself to sunlight if you apply sunscreen to your head.

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