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Can Hair Transplant Be Done On Fully Bald Hair?

A typical hair transplantation surgery ( FUE ) involves the extraction of follicular units from a donor area of the scalp and plantation of these units on the recipient area. An individual considers hair transplantation just because this makes your new hair grow just like your previous hair.

Today’s hair transplantation methods are capable of giving you the most natural-looking results. Some known personalities get secret hair transplantation surgeries and when they’re noticed by the hair-loss geeks, they will have to share these experiences with the public. And such natural results encourage those that consider such procedures.

In a typical hair transplantation surgery, the patient is both donor and the recipient. So the transplanted hair is planted on the same person. A complete bald person can’t have natural looking hair transplantation because the scalp is completely exhausted.

As for the answer to your question ” Can hair transplant be done on fully bald hair?; Dead follicular units can be planted on a bald scalp but this is not called a hair transplantation procedure since the hair that is created in there is nothing more than a prosthesis. They don’t grow, they fall out, they go thinner, they take damage every day and don’t feed themselves because they’re not actually living hair units.

Hair from other parts of the people can be extracted and planted in the balding area of them. But this is not a preferred method since they don’t give a natural look to the person. Complete baldness on a person, especially on a man means that the person’s hair is predisposed to fall out.

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