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COVID-19 Quarantina Hits Hair Transplant Market

COVID-19 outbreak has shattered the world’s economical balance because of the quarantina acts taken by the governments of the world. During this chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of business areas and industries have taken damage, lost reputation, and had to end their contracts with their employees to cover the damage. COVID-19 chaos has also hit the hair transplant market and countries which are aesthetic procedure mainlands felt the economic depression most. COVID-19 hits the hair transplant market because no government wanted to take the risk of such procedures performing during the quarantina.

The main reason why countries put a stop to aesthetic clinics’ operations should be associated with health tourism. Health tourism involves tourist trips to foreign countries for aesthetic purposes. Especially hair transplant procedures are the most performed aesthetic surgeries among people who visit a foreign country for health tourism. Even though almost every airline company has stopped its transportation operations due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there are still lots of people who are stuck in other countries and wait for evacuation. Since Coronavirus has spread to the world via airlines, it would be not wise to accept hair transplant candidates from foreign countries, especially from China and other countries that got the severe hits fro Coronavirus.

When Can I Get A Hair Transplant

Most experts and statistics say that the COVID-19 cases have been decreasing, so have the death rates. This is about incoming summertime because it’s been scientifically approved that COVID-19 loses its impact on people during summertime. The world is expected to have got rid of COVID-19 signs at the end of this summer. However, economical depression caused by COVID-19 chaos is believed to continue for at least two years.

Most business industries are believed to continue their operations in mid-summer. However, you are not guaranteed to enter a foreign country for your hair transplant purposes. Foreign governments may suspect of you when you land in the airport so it is for your own best to wait until the end of this summer.

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