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Curly Hair Transplant

Since technology is the greatest magic that mankind could ever see, it has allowed people to become the slaves of the aesthetic procedures. A hair transplant is also an aesthetic procedure but it is not for pleasure, but for actual needs. A man can be obsessive about his balding head and this may result in mental problems. Today, hair transplant procedures even provide the ethnicity look of the candidates. Curly hair and straight hair follicles are planted in different ways in order to provide the ethnicity look of these people. The most complicated hair transplant type is the curly hair transplant. There are a couple of hair transplant procedures that may provide the ethnicity look of a curly person.

Curly hair transplant requires specific calculations of angle and depth when it comes to the plantation of the extracted hair follicles. Surgeons can not follow the same steps in every type of hair transplant procedure. For example, a Chinese man’s hair follicles consist of 1-2 hair follicles. A curly-haired African man usually has 1-4 hair strands in each of his hair follicles. That’s why these people may have different hair density. Curly hair is more like it is predisposed to fall out at some point in people’s life.

How is Curly Hair Transplant Done

Curly hair transplant is a tough one when it comes to getting a good hair transplant procedure. Because it needs the most accurate calculations. The best calculations are made during a DHI, short for a direct hair implant procedure.DHI procedure is the best for those who would like to keep the best ethnicity look on their face.

The other hair transplantation procedure that is best for curly hair transplant is FUE, short for follicular hair transplantation. The procedure is similar to DHI, the only difference is the implanter device which is used during DHI procedures. If you find a skillful FUE surgeon you may not need a DHI procedure for your curly hair transplant at all!

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