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David Beckham Hair Transplant

The famous British football player David Beckham has been the media’s unique icon because of his gorgeous looking and charismatic bearing. But his hair has always managed to become the public’s main interest. Throughout his career, David Beckham tried many hairstyles. Short, long, bald-like were among these hairstyles that David Beckham used during his career. Just like all the other living creatures, he had to face the inevitable, the aging fact and the hair loss…

David Beckham became a public interest one more time for its secret hair transplantation surgery. The famous football player’s hair was lost so much that his head’s skin could even be seen when his hair was short. After his photos were publicly seen, David Beckham decided to get a hair transplantation procedure in some secret place.

Which Method Did David Beckham Choose for Hair Transplant?

Since David Beckham doesn’t have any financial problems, one can say that he may have had the best procedure in the world because the hair looks like a 25-year-old dashing David Beckham’s hair. When we take a look at the perfection of the hair transplantation, we can conclude that he had got the Follicular Unit Extraction Method. The FUE method is the most advanced hair transplantation technique that has been used for over 15 years.

It includes the extraction of the follicles on the donor area then later to be planted on the recipient area of the patient. The procedure generally includes full removal of the hair on the scalp, but this removal is generally optional. Since we have never seen David Beckham with a bald head lately, we can assume that he didn’t prefer his hair to be cut off completely during his hair transplantation surgery.

As for our opinion, the Follicular Unit Extraction Method was the right decision for David Beckham. FUE is considered to be the most revolutionary and safe method performed by the most skilled surgeons in the world and it’s also one of the most economical methods in some countries, like Turkey.

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