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DHI Hair Transplant Procedure Review

DHI Hair Transplant Procedure Review (1)

DHI is one of the advanced hair transplant procedures that solve many people’s hair loss problems. Although DHI is considered the best hair transplant procedure, many people with hair loss problems prefer the FUE method due to financial issues. In this article, we’ll examine the DHI hair transplant procedure, and we try to tell you what should be known before the DHI hair transplant procedure.

How Does the DHI Procedure Perform?

DHI is an abbreviation of Direct Hair Implantation. It is considered the best hair transplant procedure. Although hair transplant surgery methods are likely done in the same way, they differ from each other in terms of technological. The majority of DHI procedure is mostly the same as the FUE method. It is so similar to the FUE method that some even call it Micro FUE. In this procedure, surgeons use a pen-like device to extract and plant hair follicles different from other procedures.

DHI Hair Transplant Review

Even though DHI is the best hair transplant procedure you can undergo, many people with hair loss prefer the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure because of the cost of the DHI procedure. Due to the technology that DHI uses, the cost of the procedure is considerably high. Since the FUE offers the same results, it managed to get the attraction of many hair loss patients. However, I believe that when DHI has a more reasonable price, the majority of hair loss patients will prefer DHI hair transplant procedure.

If you think that you have a hair loss problem, you should first see a doctor to decide which hair transplant method is for you. Generally, all hair transplant procedures can be applied to everyone except ones who have heart or blood disease. When it comes to considering a hair transplant procedure, you can be informed by our professional team. To get more information about the DHI procedure in Turkey, you can reach us by filling out the form.


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