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Did Joe Biden Have a Hair Transplant

Joe Biden was the winner of the United States presidential race in November and became the new president of the United States. Joe Biden, who will take over the presidency in January, is an old face of politics. Therefore, we were able to see Joe Biden’s hair loss problem more clearly. During the presidential race, it is seen that this hair loss problem has been eliminated. For this reason, many people thought that Joe Biden, the new president of the USA, had a hair transplant.

Many surgeons agree that the former vice president and new president of the U.S. Joe Biden had undergone various cosmetic procedures, including botox, dental work, and hair transplant. For instance, Dr. Barry Cohen, a Washington, DC-area plastic surgeon, said that “Without any question, Joe Biden had a hair transplant.”. Although many experts claim that Joe Biden had a hair transplant such as Dr. Barry Cohen, Biden has never confirmed that he had a hair transplant procedure.

Several stylists and hair transplant experts who interviewed Politico said that Joe Biden was trying to look younger. If you want to look younger, you can consider a hair transplant, too like Joe Biden. You can talk with your doctor about hair transplantation in a style that suits you, so you can get hair that does not shed even when you age. For more information about hair transplantation, you can continue reading our blog or contact us.

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