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Does Hair Transplant Hurt?

Hair transplant procedures are considered the least complicated medical procedures in the world. However, this is a complete misconception because since it’s an invasive medical procedure, there is always a risk of complications like infection, swelling, bruising, inflammation, and pain. So, what about the surgery itself? Does hair transplant hurt? How is a hair transplant procedure performed? Let’s take a look.

Every hair transplant candidate has his own experience during a real hair transplant procedure. Every person has his own story to tell. Remember what Elton John told the public about his past hair transplantation experience. He said that his hair transplant procedure was a nightmare to him. It was like some rabbits were eating his brain like how they eat carrots, that is the exact description of the sound it made back then.

He also mentions that he suffered from an annoying and different kind of pain on his scalp. He felt the pain in every hair follicle extraction on his scalp. However, none of his hair transplantation surgeries went right, they all failed and Elton John has been using wigs ever since his last hair transplantation attempt.

Hair transplantation procedures of today are performed under local anesthesia meaning that patients do not feel any agonizing or annoying pain but they can sense the hair follicles extraction process.

Local anesthesia administration may not work with the same effect on every hair transplant patient because every person has different immune systems. Local anesthesia may not be strong enough to reduce the sensation in the surgery area in some patients. That’s why the hair follicles extraction process can be felt differently by different patients. Some may call it pain, some call it a strange experience or itching-like sensation.

In all cases, even the maximum pain that you can experience during a hair transplant procedure does not make you uncomfortable.

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