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Everything About Hair Transplant for Women

Everything About Hair Transplant for Women

Today, we are going to discuss a hair transplant for women and some considerations you may want to know. Unlike what most people believe, women can suffer hair loss too. In fact, some women may even experience male pattern baldness due to increased hormonal activity.

Of course, this type of baldness corresponds to a small percentage. On the other hand, about 30% of hair transplant patients are women. If you suffer from any kind of hair loss problem or are not satisfied with your current image, you can receive the treatment.

Is Hair Transplant for Women Really Successful?

A hair transplant for women is as successful as hair transplant operations performed on men. This means that gender does not make a difference. According to clinical studies, %90 of the implanted hair follicles start to grow healthy.

Of course, these percentages are highly dependent on your current health status. Naturally, patients with poor scalp health may not enjoy the best results. However, in such circumstances, you can always prefer a second treatment to enjoy the desired results!

Who Is Eligible for Hair Transplant for Women?

Anyone who is suffering from hair loss problems or not pleased with his or her image can benefit from hair transplant practices. There are a few reputable and proven techniques used in hair transplant operations with different requirements.

However, unless you do not have any problems that prevent you from having microsurgery, you can find the perfect alternative for yourself. In this regard, we highly recommend consulting an expert. You can learn more about your alternatives after a quick examination.

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