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Exercise After Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures may be seen as one of the least complicated surgeries in the world. This is because hair transplantation has been reaching to more success rates. Besides, these procedures have also become less invasive every day. However, they should still be considered serious procedures because even exercise after hair transplant may become dangerous to the newly transplanted hair.

Today, a modern hair transplantation surgery( commonly FUE ) involves harvesting of hair strands as follicles from a donor part of the scalp and implantation of these hair follicles to the balding area ( recipient ).

A surgery like this requires at least 9 months for new hair to grow back. During some part of this recovery time, the patient should avoid doing certain things like exercising, weight lifting, running, swimming even walking for some cases.

Restarting Exercise After Hair Transplant

During the first three days of your recovery, you are not even allowed to walk. The scalp and wounds should not be taken into some action that may make them tired. It is so important that you make sure you’re doing the best care of yourself during this early stage. You should avoid any sweating activities, even sunlight.

It is harmless for you to do some light activities like take a walk and go shopping for some light goods. But you are still not allowed to do any fitness-related exercises, even jogging. Your scalp still needs some more time to heal its wounds.

After a month, light weight lifting exercises can be done, they are not dangerous to your new hair transplanted but it’s always good waiting for a little bit more. However, FUT patients should wait some more time for about 2 months. Because as most of you know, the FUT method typically involves the extraction of follicles in strips, meaning some part of the scalp skin is also cut off during the procedure.

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