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Hair Breakage on Dry Hair

There are several reasons for hair breakage. The primary reason for hair breakage is generally associated with people’s intense use of hair shaper equipment. The very first thing that comes to mind after speaking of hair shapers is curling irons. Many people, especially women use curling irons to give a curly shape to their hair. Curling irons have the same working principles as ironing. Women burn their hair to give them a curly look, however, burning hair like that is totally dangerous to hair, especially if it’s a dry hair. Hair breakage on dry hair is a common problem that is immediately be taken care of.

What causes dry hair? Dry hair is mostly a result of intense hair wash. People may think that washing hair more than once every day simply provides a more healthy look to them. However, this is a common misconception because washing the hair more than usual only destroys the special oil that your scalp produces for hair follicle feeding. Scalp oil is important because your hair follicles need to feed themselves from it to stay fresh and more alive.

However, preventing your hair follicles and hair strands from such natural feeding will probably result in hair breakage and even permanent hair loss. It is important for you to use moisturizing shampoos and creams in regular hair wash periods. People visit their hairdressers and get their broken hair cut. However, this does not solve your hair breakage problem. You should take good care of your hair follicles and hair strands to avoid hair breakage and permanent hair loss. Hairdressers do not treat your hair breakage problem.

Intense use of moisturizing shampoos and creams may make your scalp oily than usual. That’s you should also watch the use of such products during your everyday hair cleaning.

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