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Hair Implantation Headache

Hair implants have been an important option for those who feel desperate because of massive hair loss that hit them at an early age. Some people can’t decide on which one they should choose, hair transplantation or hair implantation. Most experts say that if you are qualified for a hair transplant procedure, you do not hesitate to take it. A good hair transplant is the best way to provide a good deal of hair density on your scalp back again. However, not every person can be eligible for standard hair transplantation and have to choose hair implantation. Hair implants are planted in the recipient area with a special method. However, you should keep that in mind that hair implantation headache is almost inevitable in most cases.

Patients can experience headaches not only after hair implantation but also after hair transplantation. There can be hundreds of reasons for a headache after your hair implantation. However, there is one reason which the most possibility. Your body activates its defense mechanism against your hair implant. Every individual hair strand is targeted by your immune system. This also happens after a hair transplantation procedure and results in massive and temporary hair loss.

Reason For Headache After Hair Implantation

Your hair implants are resistant to your immune system’s attacks. They will not fall out as it happens during a standard hair transplant recovery. So these attacks may bring you some headaches in return. However, it is not certain but the highest possibility. The most headaches hit the hair implantation patients when their scars breed scabbing.

Scabbing means that your wounds are healing but they may not occur depending on your hair implants location. They naturally occur on your scalp and may cause headaches if they collapse with the roots of your hair implants. However, if these headaches are not that agonizing, there is nothing to be worried about.

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