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Hair Loss During Menopause

Menopause is a natural biological event experienced by women in a certain period of their lives. During this period, physical changes may occur in most women due to hormonal changes. One of these physical changes is hair loss.

It is normal to lose 100 hair strands per day. Hair loss, which is a common problem during menopause, occurs when more hair than usual into the telogen phase. If you notice that you are losing more than a hundred hair strands, you should see a doctor understand what reason cause your hair loss. A lot of reasons can cause hair loss, such as stress, radiation therapy, age, medications and supplements, and hormonal changes.

Hair loss due to menopause is usually caused by hormonal changes. When you are in the menopause period in your life, your body will stop producing some female hormones like estrogen and start to produce male hormones. These hormonal changes may cause hair loss in most women who are in the menopause period.

Hair is one of the most important parts of appearance for women. Due to hormonal changes when you are in the menopause period, you may experience hair loss. Early diagnosis is very important in hair transplant treatments, for this reason, seeing a doctor when you notice that hair loss means that the treatment will be more effective.

Doctors and experts show the most effective and definite solution for hair loss treatment is hair transplant surgeries. If you want to learn more about hair loss and treatment methods, you can find beneficial information on our blog.

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