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Hair Loss

Hair loss is the situation in which the hair strands of a person start to fall out for some reason. There may be several reasons for a person to lose his / her hair. Even people who are under 20 may suffer from thinning hair and there are also some methods to fight against some types of hair loss.

The cruelest and common hair loss type is male pattern baldness. The reason behind this is heredity and there is no certain treatment for this kind of hair loss. Male pattern baldness usually hits people who are in their 20s and suffer the fast receding hairlines at such young ages.

Hair loss in women is rare, however, there are also a considerable number of women who are destined with female pattern baldness. Women with female pattern baldness generally suffer from thinning hair rather than a receding hairline. However, in all cases, hair loss is a nightmare for women.

Other Reasons for Hair Loss

If you are diagnosed with a chronic disease like cancer and getting regular chemotherapy sessions, you will definitely experience massive and fast hair loss during your treatment. Chemotherapy treatment includes some tough chemicals which kill the cancer cells along with the healthy cells. During this time, the scalp does not get enough feeding from the blood circulation eventually causing hair strands to fall out

You may hear people telling you about the stories in which their hair falls out because they’re depressed. These seem may not make any effect on you, however, most of them are true. High stress and depression may cause hormonal irregularities in the body and make the rest phase of hair last longer.

The rest phase is a 3-month state of the hair in which hair strands fall out more than usual. This takes place every 3 years and the hair starts to recover its loss after the phase has finished. Conditions like high stress or hormonal changes may increase the length of the resting place which causes permanent damage to the hair density.

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