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Hair Transplant At Young Age

Most people experience massive hair loss in their 30s. However, there are also people who can suffer from such hair losses when they are even under 18. Every person has a friend who experienced a hair loss probably caused by male pattern baldness. Some people can live with that while some can’t. Those who can’t live with a balding head at such a young age may want to consider their options. A possible hair transplantation procedure is the best way to get some real hair back on the head again.

There is no strict age rule to be qualified for a hair transplantation procedure. Most doctors say that one should be at least 18 yrs old to undergo such medical procedures. It’s mostly about the body’s development in youth. Once the individual has reached his / her potential body development, they are qualified for most of the medical procedures, not just hair transplantation procedures.

However, hair transplant procedures are a bit different. There are several types of hair loss and one can not be sure of what’s the real reason behind his hair loss. If you are experiencing a receding hairline, this means that yours is male pattern baldness which is the worst hair loss type ever. Male pattern baldness hits the body and stops at some point. Your strong hair follicles ( typically the back of the head and the middle of your frontal head ) generally survive from male pattern baldness.

Doctors say that it is always best to wait for a bit longer to consider getting a hair transplant because male pattern baldness may interfere with your hair transplant procedure and even your transplanted hair may fall out after some time.

Most severe male pattern baldness victims generally take more than one hair transplantation sessions to get a considerable amount of hair density back on their heads again. That’s generally a decision of the hair transplantation surgeons.

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