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Hair Transplant In Women

According to the satistical data, most hair transplant candidates are men. The reason behind this is the male pattern baldness. Males are cursed with male pattern baldness which is transferred via heredity. However, some women may also experience female pattern baldness. And this is even worse than male pattern baldness because hair is like everything for women. Women who got hit by female pattern baldness may consider hair transplant procedures. Hair transplant in women is actually not different than those of men.

It may be very hard to consider getting a hair transplant if you are a woman. Almost every hair transplantation methods require the shave the scalp off. Surgeons perform on your scalp better this way. And you may want to for really long time to see long hair on your head. Plus, there is always a chance for your hair transplant surgery to fail, we are sorry to say this but this is a fact. So you should be ready for any kind of results.

How is Women Hair Transplant Done

Women’s hair transplant procedures are the same as men’s. Surgeons do not perform procedures on long hair unless they are trying to plant an implant hair on the scalp. Since artificial hair do not grow any longer than its original size, the surgeon plants them on the exact length that the patient demands.

A woman who’s been suffering from a type of hair loss can get a DHI or FUE procedure to see the most natural results. Both FUE and DHI allows surgeons to provide the natural ethnicity that the patient has. Clinics have before and after photos of previous women patients. You can see how wonderful results that well-performed FUE and DHI procedures can give to you. However, DHI is a bit expensive because it involves implanter device use. You may want to choose a country like Turkey for a better and cheaper DHI procedure.

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