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Hair Transplant Tourism in Turkey

Some may say that clinics in Turkey make some cutthroat hair transplant surgeries. Whether this is true or not, one can not be sure of this unless he sees some before and after photos with his own eyes. Today, hair transplant tourism in Turkey is considered to have reached about 1$ billion of economical size and this amount of financial growth can be considered a success.

If you are new in Turkey and surprised to see people with their heads bandaged, you don’t really surprise that much. Taksim and Şişli districts of Istanbul are famous for the big number of aesthetic clinics, especially those founded for hair transplantation purposes. Turkey is a bridge between eastern and western countries and attracts lots of people because of the affordable aesthetic procedure prices.

Why is Hair Transplant Cheap in Turkey

We said that so many tourists visit Turkey in order to get a hair transplantation procedure. But there are also so many people who are hesitant about visiting Turkey for such purposes. The main reason for such a negative approach is the cheap prices for aesthetic procedures in Turkey.

Typically and naturally, people may think that the reason behind the cheap prices in Turkey can be concluded that surgeons are unskilled and the procedures are poor. There are some cases that hair transplantation went wrong, however, there is always a chance for hair transplantation to fail regardless of the place and the surgeon. This is the risk candidates should take after all.

The real reason for the cheap prices is about the overall market prices of Turkey in every aspect of financial life. You already know that a standard hair transplantation procedure costs 5 times more than one performed in Turkey. However, this is the same if you want to buy some apples. You will pay considerably cheaper prices to a couple of apples because of the financial difference between the countries.

A cheap procedure does not mean that it’s a cutthroat surgery. Turkey has wonderful accredited clinics. Most surgeons have connections with other surgeons operating in big cities of Europe, the U.K and the U.S. Besides, most turkish clinics have offices in those cities and they provide the most accurate and first-hand information to the candidates.

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