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Hair Transplant Using Body Hair

During a common hair transplant procedure ( FUE ) the back of the scalp is used as donor area. A certain number of hair follicles are extracted one by one and implanted on the recipient ( the hair loss area ) area of the scalp.

Almost all the cases related to hair transplantation is done that way. However, in some cases, surgeons may use body hair to create the desired hair density in the recipient area. This is generally preferred when the hair density in the back of the head is not enough to donate the required hair follicles to the area where the patient is suffering from hair loss.

How Good Is Body Hair For Hair Transplant?

In order not to exhaust the hair density on the back of the head, some surgeons may use the body hair to cover the hair loss area. However, most surgeons don’t suggest using body hair for such a purpose. The risk of this type of hair transplantation to fail is much more.

The hair on the body falls out so often, they regrow faster but they generally don’t create the density which may be needed for a hair of the scalp. Besides, the body hair follicles are not like those on the scalp. They mostly include thin hair strands and are fragile from external interruptions like pulling or scratching.

There are many cases reported that hair transplants with body hair generally start to deform within 3 years and lose the first fresh look after the full recovery. This is generally not about the male pattern baldness but about the physical deformation of hair strands one by one.

The different structure of body hair and scalp hair is one of the main problems of this issue. Since they are not the same, they are not also likely to give the desired natural-looking results.

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