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Hair Transplantation in Health Tourism

The term ” health tourism” has long been a trend between tourists who would like to visit another country for aesthetic, cosmetic, and plastic surgeries. People may have their own reasons to visit a foreign country only for such medical procedures. Especially hair transplantation in health tourism has been a rising trend among tourists.

Turkey, Pakistan, and India are the most preferred health tourism destinations. The reason why they’re preferred this much is generally associated with the low prices on the medical procedures. Especially Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, is considered the biggest health tourism destinations.

You may get surprised when you see people with bandages on their heads while walking in the streets of Istanbul. You can conclude that these people possibly underwent hair transplant procedures.

Every year, thousands of people visit Istanbul from every corner of the world for hair transplantation procedures. DHI and FUE procedures are the most used hair transplantation techniques in Turkey. It is believed that Istanbul has more than 350 aesthetic clinics on its soil.

Besides, there are also numerous independent hair transplant clinics that were established for this purpose. All of these clinics have something in common. They offer procedure packages. You pay for just once and buy your hair transplant package which includes the coverage for the airport transportation fee, hotel, and procedure expenses.

People generally spend 2 or 3 nights in Istanbul. Hotels in Istanbul’s city center are the best ones in the world. 3 and 4-star hotels have generally agreements with hair transplantation and aesthetic clinics that’s why most of them are at a close distance which you can go on foot.

After a couple of days of resting in Istanbul, you can visit the city by avoiding any action that could make your scalp sweat. The summertime in Istanbul can be really annoying so we suggest you to stay home and never get out during your early recovery.

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