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Haircare Before Hair Transplantation

There are certain things to do before a real hair transplantation procedure. People always focus on hair transplant surgery itself and the post-surgery haircare period. However, haircare before hair transplantation is also one of the important periods that you should take into consideration.

How can a man prepare himself for real hair transplantation? It is not a pill that you can take when you’re not hungry, it’s an invasive medical procedure. However, you need to have good health and take care of your health very well as well.

For example, some people are very interested in alcohol and cigarettes. You may want to give a break to these bad habits if you want your hair transplantation procedure to go without any problem. Such bad habits will definitely increase dehydration in your body.

Dehydration is something that you can’t afford during and after your hair transplantation procedure. You will need lots of water, probably more than you ever needed. Your body needs water the most, but it needs more of it when you have a wounded area in your body.

Your healing process will go faster as you drink more water. You need to clear your body by stopping to consume alcohol and cigarettes and support your action by drinking lots of water as well.

You should keep your hair short because experts say that the best procedures can always be performed on full-shaved scalps. It is true that you also have the option of no-shave hair transplantation procedures. However, you are so likely to suffer from shock hair loss, which means that your transplanted hair strands will fall out after some time. So it is not a wise thing to keep your hair long and undergo your procedure like that.

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