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How is Artificial Hair Made?

Prosthetic hair is one of the most popular hair treatment applications of today, and it is preferred and used by more and more people with its 100% natural appearance. These products are produced in accordance with the natural hair images of the people and are completely personal.

The most important material of artificial hair is natural hair. Synthetic hair is not used in the production of artificial hair, as in wigs or other applications. Natural hair suitable for people’s own hair structure is determined and these hairs are used in harmony in production. In this way, a completely natural hair image is obtained during use. Artificial hairs are not only very important to get a completely natural appearance, but also important in terms of the mental health of people.

Another product that stands like a question mark in people’s minds when using artificial hair is the adhesive product used to fix the artificial hair to the scalp. This medical adhesive is specially produced for artificial hair and allows you to move freely during the day. Thanks to the water-resistant product, artificial hair can be shaped as desired, and it eliminates the possibility of hair slipping in all physical and social activities. Also, thanks to its structure that does not damage the scalp, it can be used safely.

All in all, considering the production materials and the properties it carries, artificial hair is one of the most accurate methods to be applied to obtain a natural hair appearance. You can regain the old hair image you have dreamed of with an artificial hair procedure. Also, you can easily apply all the operations you have made to your own hair to reveal the hair look you want.

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