Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant in Details

Hair transplantation surgeries are considered the top performed aesthetic procedures in the world. With the latest developments in the aesthetic industry, several methods have been developed to carry out hair transplantation operations. Pattern hair loss is possibly the main reason for men to consider hair transplant surgery. A balding head could become a man’s nightmare so it’s almost inevitable not to consider such surgeries, especially these days.

Before considering hair transplantation, one should find out if he/she is suitable for such procedures. Most of the failures caused when the person does not meet the requirements for such surgeries. People generally think about their end when it comes to a hair transplant. This is theoretically right but it’s not enough. Here are the possible questions you should ask yourself before hair transplantation:

  1. Am I a good candidate for a hair transplant?
  2. Does my age affect the procedure?
  3. Does my gender affect the procedure?
  4. Does my hair type affect the procedure?
  5. Do doctors administer local or general anesthesia during the procedure?
  6. Does the procedure leave any scars on my scalp or face?
  7. Is the surgery painful?
  8. Are there any side effects?
  9. How long will the recovery take?
  10. How many grafts can be extracted?
  11. How many grafts can be planted?
  12. Are there any infection, swelling, bruising and inflammation risks?
  13. Will my hair go any thinner?
  14. When will I be able to wash my head?
  15. Will my transplanted hair grow?
  16. Will my transplanted hair ever fall out?
  17. Will I experience any pain during the recovery?
  18. Will I be taking medications during the recovery?
  19. Will my new hair look natural?
  20. Can they figure out that my hair is transplanted?


If you’re not diagnosed with a chronic disease that may eventually lead to chemotherapy sessions, you are most likely to qualify for such procedures. People with diabetes should avoid these surgeries. People that present a weak hair density on their donor area of the scalp should not consider hair transplantation because a possible exhausted donor could be a nightmare to the patient. Young and middle-aged people are the best candidates. Pain, inflammations, bruising, swelling and infections are almost inevitable, you can take prescripted drugs to make yourself more comfortable. If your hair is predisposed to fall out, there’s no point for a hair transplantation procedure after all.

If you are performed a Follicular Unit Extraction or Excision procedure, people will possibly not realize that you’ve got newly transplanted hair because this method gives the most natural results. You’re not allowed to wash your head during the first 2 weeks of your recovery. Don’t temper with your hair roots.

Your doctor determines the number of grafts to be extracted. Almost all the surgeons build a procedure plan according to your scalp and hair properties and tell you the number.

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