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Klopp Hair Transplant

Jürgen Klopp once a legendary football player is the manager of the British football team Liverpool these days. He has a successful career as both a footballer and a coach. However, even a football player with such a successful history may suffer from balding hair… Jürgen Klopp is always noted for his long front hair and he used to separate his hair on two sides before his hair transplantation procedure. Yes, it’s true that Jurgen Klopp had a secret hair transplantation procedure and it seems the procedure must have been performed very well!

How Did Klopp Decide to Get a Hair Transplant?

There is a term which almost all the people who are interested in football know, The Rooney Effect. The Rooney Effect has inspired most of the footballers and fans. The term used for describing famous British football player Wayne Rooney’s fast rise in football and his passion in his early years of career. Now, the Rooney Effect shows up with another version, the hair transplant issue…

Another legendary British football player, Michael Owen tweeted about the early balding hair of Rooney. The tweet was a harsh one and Rooney replied to him in the mood of sadness. After his hair started to become a public issue, Rooney secretly had transplantation but he failed to keep this as a secret because of his growing new hair. He shared his in-surgery photos with the public and known personalities, footballers, even some cooks! started to get hair transplantation.

When was Klopp asked if he had got a hair transplantation procedure or not, he answered yes and it was very surprising because people couldn’t notice his growing new hair. Because of his long hair, the recovery of the transplanted hair couldn’t be seen by the public.

The hair transplantation method that Klopp must have chosen is FUE, short for Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE method is considered the best natural look giver method in the world and Klopp has the most natural look!

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