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Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant

Lewis Hamilton, the great British F1 racer is not only famous for his achievements but also for his several hairstyles. The young F1 pilot has tried so many styles with so many colours and each one of these styles were publicly admired. However, Lewis Hamilton suffered a massive hair loss before a couple of years. Almost half of his front hair fell out and his sadness is easily seen from his eyes…

After some time, he was publicly seen with a dreadlock-like hairstyle and this was a shocking event because the guy’s hair looked absolutely perfect! After his first appearance with his newly grown hair, rumors and discussions were started on how he must have got his hair back.

As the discussion and rumors about his hair went on, he came up with a story in which he claims that after using shampoo in a hotel, his hair started to grow back! Well, the discussions were actually about what kind of hair transplantation procedure that he preferred, but it seems he completely ignored such thoughts and made up his own story.

Which Did Procedure Lewis Hamilton Have?

According to most of the experts and surgeons, there is no doubt that he had hair transplantation surgery. And every single doctor says that he got one of the best procedures ever. His scalp seems to be compatible with the hair transplant perfectly.

The common thought about his choice is the famous FUE ( Follicular Unit Excision or Extraction ) method. Most surgeons suggest that he must have got an FUE procedure because it is the top technique that gives the most natural-looking results.

It seems like Lewis managed to disappear during his procedure and recovery time. A transplanted hair needs at least 8 months for its full recovery. But nobody is sure about if he had a full-shave or partly shave.

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