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Menopause And Hair Loss

Menopause is a period in which women’s menstrual cycles end. It is mostly diagnosed after it’s been 12 months without any menstrual periods. Menopause causes hormonal changes and irregularities on the body. Women may feel depressed and upset because of their situation and this may negatively affect their physical and mental health. For example, menopause and hair loss are mostly associated with each other. Women do not suffer from severe hair loss in their lives, however, there are many middle-aged women who suffer from massive hair in a time coincided with menopause.

Hormonal irregularities may cause severe hair loss in the body, that’s for sure. Especially women go through some natural situations like pregnancy and menopause in which they may suffer from several physical and mental issues. Menopause can be a real hardship for almost every woman, however, the worst part is considered the hair loss.

Hair loss seen during menopause can be either permanent or temporary depending on the case. There are millions of women living in the world and each one of them has different body characteristics. There is a typical hair shed period in which all people suffer in every 3 years. This is called the ” rest phase” and lasts for 3 months.

During the rest phase, hair more than usual falls for 3 months. The scalp recovers this loss after the rest phase is over. However, in some situations, the rest phase does not end in 3 months and causes further hair loss. In such situations, the hair loss is generally considered to be permanent. When it’s combined with the menopause hair loss, the total loss can be devastating.

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