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Patrick Kluivert Hair Transplant

Patrick Kluivert, a name that can be known very well to those who are interested in soccer, is just one of the footballers who have hair transplant treatment. Patrick Kluivert who retire from football in 2008, wore the jersey of important clubs in the Europa such as Barcelona, Milan, and Ajax in his career.

Let’s examine that the point why World famous football player Patrick Kluivert prefers Turkey for a hair transplant.

  • First, Turkey in third place in the world in the hair transplantation procedure and holding first place in Europe.
  • Turkey offers affordable price and the same treatment quality when we compared to the European countries.
  • Turkey is considered the mainland of the hair transplantation field and especially Istanbul is connected to other big cities of Europe and the U.S.
  • There are hundreds of clinics just in Istanbul and when you in hair transplant treatment procedure you can explore this spectacular city.
  • Hair transplant tourism in Turkey is considered to have reached about 1$ billion in economical size, and this is proof that how big the market has Turkey have in this sector.
  • Turkey is a bridge between eastern and western countries and attracts lots of people because of the affordable aesthetic procedure prices.

All in all, If you consider a hair transplant you can prefer Turkey like Patrick Kluivert and many famous people like him. Because Turkey offers the same quality as most European countries at affordable prices.

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