Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Permanent Hair Transplant

There are two most important things when it comes to speaking of a successful hair transplantation job. The durability and appearance of a hair transplant job are the most important things that affect the success rate of such procedures. No person would want to undergo a hair transplantation procedure with knowing that it will fail. Permanent hair transplant was pretty hard to come by in the past but the success rate of hair transplantation procedures are considered 99% these days.

A hair transplantation procedure can be seen as organ transplantation because hair follicles are the smallest organs of your body. This means that every independent hair follicles on your body are considered an organ. They may react differently to hair transplantation procedures.

For example, standard hair transplantation procedure, let’s say it’s FUE or a DHI, involves the extraction of your hair follicles from a designated donor area. This donor area is mostly chosen as the back of your head which has the strongest hair follicles on your body.

Hair follicles at the back of your head are the strongest ones because they’ve survived from the attack of male pattern baldness and they’re supposed to be just fine on your hair loss area after hair transplantation procedure, as well.

There are some other places in your body that can be designated as donor areas. For example, chest hair can also be used for hair transplantation procedures. However, hair follicles on your chest are not as strong as those at the back of your head.

Some surgeons can extract hair follicles from your chest but you must remember that chest hair does not grow as long as your hair follicles on your scalp and they will be as weak as in their previous places. You already know that chest hair is so weak and fragile, meaning that they easily fall during the day. However, it may provide you a good topical effect for a really long time and it grows very fast.

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