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Reducing Redness After Hair Transplant

When it comes to hair loss, people can do anything to recover their old hair strands. There are several ways to fight against male pattern hair loss but most of them are useless in so many people. So, many people may end up with a real hair transplantation procedure. So if you undergo an aesthetic procedure like a hair transplantation surgery, you should know that it also has some after surgery complications just like the other types of procedures.

Redness is one of the most seen hairs transplant surgery complications and almost every candidate may experience such a problem. Reducing redness after a hair transplant is one of the most important things that should be done during the recovery time. In order to recover from such a redness caused by your hair transplantation surgery, you should follow some instructions to overcome this.

What To Do About Redness After Hair Transplant

If what I’m going to say you now will make you any calm, here I’m saying it, Redness on your transplanted hair is not a threat to your both hair and your overall health condition. It is not also temporary, actually, it’s a sign of recovery over your scalp. You should see the redness as the reaction of your scalp to the hair transplantation procedure.

Redness may be caused by excess sweating or dirt over your scalp area. After a standard hair transplantation surgery, you are expected to avoid washing your head within the first 5 days of your recovery time. Dirt may interfere with your wounds and cause redness on your hair transplantation area. As for sweating, no matter what you do, you must keep your scalp from sweating itself. It’s really dangerous and may result in a hair transplant fail.

In summary, redness on the hair transplantation area is not a serious condition. It’s completely temporary but if it spreads to other areas of your body, you may want to consult your surgeon for proper prescription drugs.

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