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Hair Transplant Results in Turkey

When a person intends to take a risk for some action, he/she wants to be convinced about the success rate of the step that she/he is going to take. Hair Transplantation Industry is one of the biggest elements of health tourism in the world. There so many people who would like to visit foreign countries for hair transplantation procedures. The number of such people has been increasing depending on the international advertisement of such procedures.

When a person who suffers from a balding head would like to get a hair transplantation surgery, the first thing he/she does is make a good search of how things are done in this industry. Since it’s a part of the aesthetic industry, hair transplantation procedures could be tricky if someone fails to gather enough data about it.

How to Choose Best Clinic

Choosing the best hair transplantation clinic depends completely on you. If you want to visit another country for a procedure, it’s always for your best to choose a clinic that has an office in your country. You are told everything you would like to know by these offices and all of your arrangements are done in first hand.

Thoughts of the previous patients are the number one factor that should affect your choice. Don’t obsess with the rarely-seen bad results. Most clinics share the before-after photos of their previous patients. These photos are used with the permission of these patients.

You may not be suitable for a hair transplantation procedure. This may be caused by your weak donor area of the scalp which means you may not have a natural look on your donor site after the extraction session is finished. However, some Clinics don’t hesitate to perform such procedure and these surgeries may result in the exhaustion of the donor.

Your clinic should make a complete examination of your hair and build the best procedure plan for you. 2.000 – 2.500 grafts of transplantation is generally considered average. Don’t insist on higher grafts if you don’t want to experience horrific exhausted donor destiny.

Turkey is considered the mainland of the hair transplantation field and almost all the clinics in the country, especially in Istanbul are connected to other big cities of Europe and the U.S. There are hundreds of clinics just in Istanbul and each one of them has its own website. Check all the websites for before-after photos and look for previous patients’ thoughts about their experiences.

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