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Safe Hair Transplant In Turkey

When it comes to getting an aesthetic procedure like a hair transplant, every person always thinks about the worst scenario in the beginning. This is actually not just for hair transplant procedures, but also for every kind of aesthetic procedure performed in aesthetic clinics. People like looking at failure cases. One should always take a look at the big picture. Failure cases that are associated with hair transplant procedures in Turkey are very rare. However, it is true that Turkish clinics have shattered the western domination of the aesthetic world and this caused the western clinics to launch smear campaigns against Turkish Clinics regarding that they perform cutthroat hair transplant procedures.

Well, no one denies the power of media, especially social media is the strongest instrument of advertisement and smear campaigns. Only the awaken, wise and reasonable people have the ability to figure what’s really going on here. However, it is a fact that Turkey welcomed over 60 million tourists in 2019 and over 15.000 hair transplant procedures were carried out every day, mostly during the summertime. There is no way to hide a failure case from the world. You can already see all the failure cases on your own with a single click on your computer.

Hair Transplant Failure Cases In Turkey

Hair transplantation failure cases are very rare in Turkey. Most of these failure cases should not be called a failure anyway. Some people make deal with their surgeons on the number of their procedure grafts. After some time, they claim that their hair transplant procedure failed when they do not see a considerable amount of hair density on their heads.

They are shown how their hair will be like after every type of graft plantation. 1000 grafts do not provide you so much hair density. If you want to see some hair on your head, it is probably for your own best to take at least 3.000 grafts of hair transplant procedures.

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