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Scalp Micropigmentation vs Real Hair Transplant

A person may suffer from any type of hair loss at any time. Especially men are cursed with a special type of hair loss: Male pattern baldness. This type of hair loss is transferred via heredity. However, there is something in common among balding people, the desire for hair on their scalp again…

There are numerous ways to get rid of the hair loss problem. However, none of them have ever been approved by any medical community. Their success has always been a debate between experts and doctors. There are lotions, creams, and pills that are considered effective against hair loss. However, only real procedures with a real medical background may provide a good density on your scalp.

This means that a possible real hair transplantation procedure is the best thing that could happen to a balding person. The most real and successful treatment to your balding scalp is a real hair transplant like DHI or FUE.

However, just like any other aesthetic, cosmetic, and plastic procedures, candidates of FUE and DHI procedures need to meet certain eligibility requirements. If a candidate does not have a serious heart and overall health condition, and an ongoing hair loss, he is so likely to be qualified for an FUE or DHI hair transplantation procedure.

Those who are obsessed with the receding hairline on their scalp may consider getting a scalp micropigmentation procedure. The number of people who always keeps his hair at a very short level has been increasing. Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure performed to increase the hair density on the appearance. It provides a good topical effect on people’s scalp.

However, these pigments are not real hairs meaning that they can be targeted by your immune system. Besides, since they are not alive and real hair follicles, they will not fall out but they generally need special chemical cleaning products and fluids to stay fresh.

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