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Shower Speed and Hair Density

People may act very unwisely when it comes to taking care of their health. For example, when they see that other people are just fine with a bad health condition, they may think that they must be also okay when they have the same health situation. Shower speed and hair density have a relationship which is not exactly how they look like. People think that the faster they wash their hair, the cleaner, and the better it gets. However, that’s a common misconception because people should be gentle with their hair all the time.

Hair strands of some people can be so thin and fragile. During the shower, even the most gentle moves may damage the hair strands causing hair breakage on them. Faster showering may not only increase the damage on your hair strands but also increase the breakage. Especially those who have recently had hair transplantation surgery should be really careful with their hair.

Your loss caused by hair breakage is probably not permanent but if you keep damaging your hair like that, your hair follicles may be badly affected after some time. Hair loss means the loss of hair follicles which are individual body organs that feed hair strands. They are the internal parts ( roots ) of your hair strands.

You should not reach your scalp with your fingers and nails during showering. Some people may have little scabs on their heads and they try to remove them with their nails during showering. That is completely wrong because you may badly damage your hair follicles and make them eventually fall out after some time.

Faster and frequency showering of hair will result in hair loss for sure. Your scalp produces a special oil for your hair follicles. When you shower you so often, your hair follicles may not get the feeding they need. It is a common thing that people who shower too often experience more hair shedding.

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