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Signs of Hair Loss

People may feel obsessed about a possible hair loss situation. As people age, it is very normal to suffer from a natural hair loss in time. However, one can’t be so sure that kind of hair loss that she/he suffers from. Yours may not be even a hair loss, because there are important things that you need to know about your scalp and your hair follicles. There are a couple of signs of hair loss. However, you should consult a dermatologist to make sure that you really suffer from a kind of hair loss.

When you take a shower, you may feel like more hair than usual fall sometimes. It is true that most hair fall generally happens when you take a shower, so you can’t be so sure what’s really going on here. If you take shower too often, you need to lower it because your scalp needs its oil to feed your hair follicles and hair strands.

You take one of your fallen hair strands and check its root side. If you see the connection part of your hair follicle than it’s really fallen. If you do not see any root connection part, that means your hair strands just broke. I’m not saying that hair breakage is a good thing but it’s surely better than a complete loss since you still have your hair follicle on your scalp.

You need to do certain things to maintain your scalp’s oil balance on your head. If you have oily hair, you should quit using hair products like shampoos and creams with moisturizing effect. If you have dry hair that means you probably take a shower too often. Adjust your showering schedule and use repair shampoos with moisturizing effect for some time. This will make your scalp make a fresh start and take care of your hair follicles better.

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