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Young Women’s Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation procedures are always associated with men. The reason why people generally mention men when it comes to speaking of hair transplantation is male pattern baldness, which is a type of hair loss that is transferred via heredity. There is female pattern baldness, as well but it’s very rare when it’s compared to men. However, it still does happen and women may also think of hair transplant procedures because of female pattern baldness. But, what about young women? Is young women’s hair transplant wise? Let’s take a look.

Not just young women, but also men can suffer from serious hair losses like male and female pattern baldness or alopecia areata. Women are generally resistant to female pattern baldness, however, since most women interfere with their hair often, they increase the speed of hair loss on themselves. For example, curling irons and procedures that are performed to change the hair color definitely hurt hair follicles and hair strands.

Women’s hair transplant has been a trend for some time. However, young women’s hair transplant may not be that easy. Surgeons have to be so sure that their patients’ hair loss has stopped and will not go on. However, young people, for example, those under 18, are probably still growing up. Since their body is still under physical development, the same thing may go for their hair loss situation as well.

A doctor should not perform a hair transplant procedure on a patient who still suffers from a massive hair loss. No one would ever want to lose their newly transplanted hair. That’s why if hair transplant surgeons and dermatologists guarantee you that your hair loss has stopped at some point, you are mostly considered eligible for a successful hair transplant procedure. In summary, it’s risky for young women to undergo hair transplant procedures.

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